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FaucetPay Miner

FaucetPay Miner is a CPU mining system allowing users to mine w devices


Click WarZ

Click Warz is an idle click text based RPG game that you can earn satoshi for playing

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Note: user can convert TO FaucetPay only. We do not offer conversions in any FP supported currencies. Please use their conversion systems. This is created only for sole purpose that currencies which are not listed on FP but having faucet, users may convert random token to FP Microwallet

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388 BEP20 = 1
274 BEP20 = 1

Satoshi-FaucetPay BTC
100000 BTC

Shiba Inu BEP20
1 BEP20

Floki Inu BEP20
1 BEP20